Movie presentation
Over the last few years, the number of skiers in our resorts has steadily increased. At the same time, the equipment and the skiing technique has developed rapidly. This leads to a situation where more skiers are going faster, and jumping higher and longer, than ever before.
Every year we have several serious accidents, some even with lethal outcome.
The starting point of this project is the fact that three out of four Swedes do not have fresh training in first-aid. A report from Switzerland states that in about 80 percent of all skiing accidents, nothing is done for the injured by the bystanders before the ski patrol arrives.
One conclusion from that is that without proper and up–to-date training in first-aid, most people would rather stand back and do nothing, rather than try to help. Either it’s because of fear of doing wrong, or maybe they get paralysed?
This film is aimed at YOU, who spend time in the slopes and on the mountains.
Whether you’re a jibber, a cruiser, or charge down big mountains doesn’t matter when the accident occurs and it’s up to you to make a difference.
The knowledge you get can also be used in your everyday life - just an extra bonus, isn’t it?
In this film we show basic first-aid, an a good mnemonic for you to remember what to do in the actual situation. Above all, we want to teach you a strategy to minimize the risk of becoming paralysed when your friend or family member has been injured.
I hope you’ll watch this film and feel inspired to learn more, maybe take a course, read more (you’ll find some suggested reading at the read more section), and practise, practise, practice.  It’s not boring or uncool - on the contrary, it’s quite fun! Just ask Sverre …